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Let the Games Begin: Robert Pattinson makes the first move

By Beverly B. Media and Communications

For someone who claims not to have a publicist, Robert Pattison’s recent appearance is PR genius.  Now that the Olympic games are over the real games can now begin.

Like a game of chess Pattinson’s first move will set the course for Kristen Stewarts strategy. His recent appearance on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, on Monday August 13th, and Good Morning America on August 15th has everyone talking and analyzing him, analyzing his words, his body language, and his next move.  If Kristen Stewart is wise her people are also analyzing Pattison, because they are going to have to counter attack all that he says and does…if he says anything at all.

Robert Pattinson has been playing it close to the chest stating that he is not trying to sell is life.  As the victim of a broken heart it is easier for him to enter back into the public eye than it will be for now ex-girlfriend and Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart.  Pattison should milk the sympathy card for all it’s worth, yes I said it, for all it’s worth but he must make sure to find a middle ground.  He can’t come across as a wimp, this will turn off both his male and female fans.  Although his female fans want to comfort him through his pain, they don’t want to imagine cleaning up snotty tissues as he listens to country music songs over and over again.  However he can’t appear as though he is not affected by the situation or else he will come across as cold and heartless. That may turn the tables given Kristen Stewart’s team an opportunity to begin painting her as a victim of a loveless relationship causing her to seek comfort in the arms of another man.

As for Kristen Stewart, I would recommend she emerge after the Pattinson wave has died down, but I wouldn’t wait too long. Timing is very critical for Stewart, like double dutch she is going to have to know when to jump in.  Too soon and it would appear that she is re-emerging just to go on the defense, too late and she will have to sift through the many lies that will be spun from the truth.

I am a firm believer in forgiveness and what these two crazy kids do is between them, but in the land of make-believe executives are loving the timing of the scandal. For all we know this entire drama could have been orchestrated by studio execs, it would not be the first time and I don’t believe it would be the last.  Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 is scheduled to be released in theatres in November and Twihards are anxiously waiting to see the former off-screen love birds promote their on-screen romance. But as the Twilight series comes to an end so to must these two.


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