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In the field of public relations a PR professional has to juggle many tasks as well as many people, many attitudes, many successes and many dreams.  While various professions are brought to life on the small screen– especially those of doctors, lawyers, and police officers—those of public relations are often minor characters and are often represented as the devil on the shoulder of their respective clients.  With the huge success of the ABC drama Scandal I wanted to take a look at some fictional crisis managers, publicists, communications directors, campaign managers  that we love to well love and love to hate no matter their title.

Olivia Pope(Kerry Washintgon)

Olivia Pope(Kerry Washintgon)

 Olivia  Pope  (Kerry Washington) is a crisis  manager in the political hub of Washington DC on the  ABC drama Scandal.  With an A+ type personality, Olivia seems to be more connected than the president and with more loyal followers than a cult leader.   In her career she is very confident, level headed, and no nonsense however when we take a peek into her closet we see that her skeletons are more scandalous than that of her clients.  I meant to do that.

Eli Gold (Alan Cumming)

Eli Gold (Alan Cumming)

Eli  Gold  (Alan Cumming) is a campaign  manager on the CBS drama The Good  Wife, he guides the political career of Peter Florrick (Sex in the  City’s Chris North.)  Peter Florrick is on the rebound from a salacious  indiscretion that may have ruined his marriage, but not his  career thanks to Eli.  In a field where every day is like  maneuvering around political land mines Eli moves through them without
breaking a sweat with his end goal squarely set in his sights.

Shauna Roberts (Debi Maser)

Shauna Roberts (Debi Maser)

There is nothing worse than dealing with spoiled celebrities and their friends, but Shauna Roberts (Debi Maser) from the former HBO hit series Entourage  made it look plausible, not fun but plausible. Shauna is Vincent Chase’s (Adrien Grenier) publicist and describes herself as Vince’s “West-Coast mother”.  She is a brutally honest woman who speaks her mind to Vince, the boys, and to anyone one else in her way.

Ashley Davenport (Ashley Madekwe)

Ashley Davenport (Ashley Madekwe)

Ashley  Davenport (Ashley Madekwe) is an event planner turned communications director to the powerful Grayson family in the Hamptons on the ABC drama Revenge.  Friend turned frenemy  to Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp),  Ashley gained traction in her career from event planner to spokesperson when she used a family crisis to make herself indispensible to the family. Did I forget to mention she may have caused the leak?  She has moved  on to blackmailing her way to communications director.  I guess if opportunity doesn’t come  knocking you find it and drag it kicking and screaming to your door.





Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind)

Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind)

Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind) was the press secretary on the ABC sitcom Spin City for New York City Mayor, Randall Winston (Barry Bostwick.) Not the best under pressure, Lassiter was seen as a loudmouth cheapskate who didn’t know much about anything going on in City Hall.







If you can think of any other television PR professionals you are more than welcomed to add to the list.


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