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ACleveland threemanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, are the three survivors of a Cleveland abduction that robbed them of their youth but thankfully not of their strength.  After their dramatic rescue back in May the media and the  public alike have had an insatiable desire to find out every detail of the horror these three ladies endured at the hand of a monster and how they survived.  While I am sure top journalists from both daytime and nightly news magazines were in a bidding frenzy to be the first to get to sit down with the young women,  Berry, DeJesus, and Knight decided to do something better, they decided to speak out on their own terms.

In the YouTube video released at midnight on Monday July 8th  the ladies did not talk about the day they were abducted, the torture they experienced in the basement of a seemingly normal home, or how they felt they day they were rescued all they said was a heartfelt Thank You.  Thank you for their privacy and thank you for the tremendous financial and emotional support they have received from family, friends, and strangers.  There was no editing to jerk my heart strings, no dramatic music to set the scene, and no mention of their capture, if we were watching this on 20/20 or Dateline that would not have been the case because their story makes for good television and even better ratings.  To stop the frenzy sometimes you just have to give the people what they want but on your own terms.  After the birth of Blue Ivy, Beyonce released and image of the baby on her Tumblr account thus stopping paparazzi from making a bundle off her bundle of joy.

It’s no surprise that more people turn to social media before they turn to the actual news to find out the latest going ons in thePaulaDean world.  When crisis strikes corporations and celebrities are running to say sorry, case in point Paula Deen—come on you know I had to go there.  Paula’s apologies on Youtube got worse and worse. Known for being unfiltered Paula Deen needed a little filtering.  A thank you does not have to be edited as much as an apology.

Do I think the Cleveland three speaking out on Youtube was orchestrated, yes.  The video was created by Hennes Paynter Communications a crisis communications company located in Cleveland Ohio.  Is this a ploy to place this story back in the media? Yes, with such big stories as the Trayvon Martin Murder Case and the Aaron Hernandez murder trial dominating the headlines this story, although not forgotten, it was pushed further back on our radar.  Do I believe we will see these three ladies doing a sit down interview? Yes, but not soon and it may not be with a journalist we expected.  When they do decide to provide an interview know this it will be on their own time and conducted they way they desire.  I truly believe in telling your own story that way no devil can tell it for you.


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