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You’ve Been Schooled.

AJ High School senior trip '91.

AJ High School senior trip ’91.

Written By: Beverly B. Media and Communications, LLC.


As the lazy hazy days of summer quickly comes to an end and the eminent hustle and bustle of back to school looms like a dentist appointment I reflect on the many skills we have acquired in school outside of text books that make us the wonderful employees and employers that we are today.

Whether you were educated at home or attended private or public school you’ve been schooled.


In school as in the work place it helps to know the “right” people.  No, the right people were and are not necessarily the popular people but the ones that get things done.  I do not believe or agree that the  popular people will become failures and nerds will become successful, I believe what is ordained by God will be.

The right people to know would be the kid in school who scored the high grades and went above and beyond with their class projects, they tend to be very creative and have strong presentation skills.  The ones that mixed plaid and stripes and didn’t care, they spot trends and have a strong sense of self.   Also those that ran for school office often interacted well with teachers and school officials become those able to interact with executives and grab the ears of influential people without intimidation.

Working with others 

From elementary school to graduate school we have all been subjected to working on a project with our classmates.  At times we were able to choose our cohorts and other times the teacher chose them for us, either way we had to work together to get the work done well, on time, and with as little blood shed as possible.  In school blood shed is a possibility.  As we climb the ladder of success we work  on projects with a number of people we don’t know and sometimes don’t like but we getterdone for the sake of the company, our paychecks, and our sanity.  Thank you weird kid with the weird smell.

If you were homeschooled the concept is the same. Often those that are homeschooled are joined by their siblings.  It is one thing to work with a classmate who at the end of the day you get to leave and go home but imagine working with someone with whom you have to see from morning until night, this teaches us to work with family.  As we get older no longer can we give our sibling a wedgy or run and tell mom they hit us first, we learn to be diplomatic, master the art of communication. and keep our hands or ourselves.


Okay so you’ve been homeschooled and it was just you and your mom going over the finer points of geometry, this is a great beginning for entrepreneurship.  Often times as a small business owner it is just you, your computer, and your phone at a desk in your home or basement.   For other people the silence and the lack of people would be maddening but not for someone of your mental stamina.  You have learned to ignore the allure of the television and video games for a designated amount of time and are disciplined enough to wake early, take a shower, and dress professionally even though no one will see you.  You are self motivated because you are use to working without someone breathing down your neck, and best of all when everyone is stuck in the office on a gorgeous day you can go outside to work and when others have to go out in the cold and the rain you can stay home.

Survival skills

Simone circa 1991

Simone circa 1991

I often compare high school to a war zone- no I’ve never been in a war but I did survive high school.  There are so many land mines one has to maneuver to make it from freshman year to senior year without being scarred for life.  A changing body, a non changing body, developing your indentity, throwing out that identity for a new one, making friends, losing friends. Learning the underlining rules of ones school was very crucial- what bathroom to use and when to use it, which lunch table to sit at, and who to trust- it can make or break a school experience.

Mom, dad, and teachers couldn’t help because they didn’t know the “rules” and wouldn’t understand it, this is something you had to learn on your own and quickly.  Every job has its own “rules”  they may not be as petty but they are rules none the less. Because you survived the halls of your alma mater you now know what to look for.

If you were homeschooled you have the survival skills of a P.O.W. While you can see and hear other children heading off to school you had to get dressed to go into your living room.  The only person you saw all day was your mom who seamlessly transformed from nurturer to torturer forcing you to memorize the fifty states and their capitals. This left you to wondering what was going on on the outside.  In the work place you are a rebel. while others are bound by “rules” set  upon them since childhood you don’t need no stinkin rules. You blaze a path that others inevitable follow.

This list I have compiled has no scientific proof behind it and comes from the mind and observation of my so called life. I enjoyed my childhood and my school years.  I made a lot friends and have lost a few, but my school years from elementary to graduate school are ones I look back on with fondness and a smile.

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High School BFFs

Graduate School BFFs

Graduate School BFFs


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